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22nd-Jun-2015 09:50 am - 2010年 Calendar



Jpop CDJapan
7th-Oct-2011 10:59 pm - NEWS
I learned about it, the moment I woke up, my phone keep vibrating, and I was like what is happening? why do people keep tweeting me? I opened my phone and ive been reading people hugging each other, and crying and so shocked and speechless, I was like WTF IS HAPPENING?! i tweeted using my phone and opened my laptop. I Honestly I was expecting the worse, in the back of my mind, I was really thinking it has something to do with NEWS, maybe NEWS decided to break up, no, no, they cant do that! I opened my twitter and the bad news appeared before my eyes, I cried my eyes out.. I couldnt believe it.. I was speechless... "YAMAPI AND RYO LEFT NEWS, the rest continuing as NEWS"

I cant remember what I was I thinking.. My mind turn blank as I cry, and I said I'll never see these boys as 6 ever again, me being a fan of them for 6 years, who have never seen them perform like, been a fan since 8 members will never see 6 of them ever again on stage?! why why!

now, I'm calm, all of things are going through my mind, I'll be hypocrite If I didnt say I feel so betrayed.. honestly, maybe mad isnt the right word for me now, disappointed and betrayed is more of it, I can understand Ryo, but its hard for me to understand Yamapi, because I trusted him he told us he'll never leave us and yet this happened, I dont know how to feel after this, I'm so disappointed in him. Why would he say that if he cant keep his promise. How will fans trust him again?

but it happened, nothings gonna change it, I know how hard these boys tried to fix it, but im so sad it ended like this.

I will still continue being a NEWS fan, with now 4member NEWS, Shige, Massu, Tego and Koyama. thats what being a NEWS fan is right? Ive been there through 8 to 6 and now to 4, 4 boys maybe away now, to me they will be forever NEWS. Though its hard to accept the current situation.

and I think the new NEWS boys needs our support! they need us, please lets all be united for them, they need us more than anything else! They fought for us and made this very big decision lets all return the favor and protect them too. I'm very worried for their future, I hope Johnny will think better marketing and promote them well than before because these boys deserve it!
8th-Jul-2011 05:59 pm(no subject)
My current song
27th-Jun-2011 11:12 pm - Taking a hiatus
I thought I'd never say this, considering all that I've said last week or even I've been saying since forever, but I dont know lately fandom's been really stressful to me. It's been also hurting me. I dont know I'm just so confused with our situation now. I dont even know if its the waiting that makes us like this, I hate it, I hate seeing people talking like this, I hate what people kept on saying about us, seriously, if theres one thing this waiting made us, it made us fall apart from each other, its not good anymore.

We know you guys are frustrated, Who isnt right? but what gave you the right to say those things to the other members? do you even know whats really going on? who knows its not even JE's problem maybe its really the boys choice why they're not together? I mean come on, we are all NEWS fans, you must support every member, why just support your favorite member and complain when the other member has work? Is this what a NEWS fan should be? its unfair!

Why be like this? instead being united we're all grew apart from each other, when we need to be united for NEWS and stay strong.

anyways, whatever, I'm taking a break for awhile, I'm not leaving the fandom, just a hiatus, need to review for another exam, I think its the perfect time to take a rest from fandom and deal with real life, I think twitter's been taking so much of my time, I'm completely leaving the internet world probably like 3 months or so. but I'll be comeback, I'll comeback when NEWS comes back.

22nd-Jun-2011 07:45 pm - I miss posting here
Hello guys~~

Hows life? hows it been going? LOL I miss posting here ^^ for 3-4 years I always update here like 4 times a week or sometimes everyday, but now I dont update at all, Its all because of twitter :x I was having too much fun on twitter that i neglected my original home T_T

I come here sometimes and read my previous entries and they make me laugh, I miss those days :( I miss all my friends too :( some of them are in different fandoms, some of them are out of fandom and dealing with real life stuff. I wanna say I miss you guys, I hope we can catch up sometime ^^

you can catch me on my twitter @kamipinku drop me a message and tell me who you are so i can add you. I dont add people i dont know so ^^

I'll try my best to post more often ^^


This year is extra special because its my first year celebrating your birthday as fan ^^

I hope you like the cupcakes I baked ^^

We love you tesshi <3
16th-Sep-2010 12:37 pm - NEWS LIVE

19th-Jul-2010 03:07 pm - FINALLY

26th-Jun-2010 05:35 pm - How we can support NEWS now

We've been talking about way to help NEWS, so I asked daelite what Japanese fans been doing with the situation now. Japanese fans are just confused as we are, making up theories like we do, of course they support yamapi but like most of us they all prefer a NEWS project.

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