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Mei-chan No Shitsuji 6:

Tonight's episode was depressing but good :)

- everyone saw the photos hanging on the blackboard, mei and rihito entered the classroom and were shocked too. everyone were saying what they were doing could get them expelled from school, that butlers and masters arent suppose to fall in love because thats the rule.
- mei was removing the photos in the blackboard and rihito helped her too, memashiba entered the classroom and removed some outside when he saw rihito helping he got mad and pushed rihito aside and told him its all his fault and mei was stopping them, when izumi entered and theyre called by the sole girls.
- it turns out since they live in one room they will separate them, but not only them but fujiko and nebzu will be separated.
- nebzu and rihito were called by the soles so they stay at the church.
- while mei and fujiko stayed at her place (mei's)
- at night while mei was having dinner both mei and rihito were quiet and remembered the hugging thing, and they both talked at the same time and then rihito told mei to talk first, and then suddenly mei accidentally pushed the spoon and they both try to get the spoon and both touched hands and they felt awkward, and then tami-hime and her butler appeared teasing them.
- the next day, sole appeared since all these scandals had been happening they decided to mix all the butlers and masters for the dance, tami-hime was gonna be the host.

and this what they got:

Mei = mameshiba
Lucia = rihito (but of course this is obvious they did something so that lucia gets rihito)
riko = kiba
izumi = Tami hime's butler
Tami hime = Nebzu
Aoyama = Pocky girl
Fujiko = Daimon
Mikuru = the temple dude

(this isnt really arranged but here it goes)

- next day everyone was to practice with their new butlers for the dance, daimon's been getting nosebleeds from fujiko, (btw fujiko's been complaining that she wants nebzu and been embracing him but people kept dragging her away from nebzu) everyone been failing with their dance suddenly the music changed and lucia stand up and dance with rihito and it was soo perfect everyone clapped and mei saw this and was sad :( and she told memashiba they should practice, but like others mameshiba was failing in the dancing was stumbling and stared at memashiba and got awkward and she pulled away but she almost fell and rihito catched her and told her to be careful. but lucia said she has to go, so rihito and her left the classroom.
- lucia was in bed while rihito was beside her and lucia hold out her hand and rihito hold it.
( i dont get it why shinobu doesnt have a mistress ;_;) there were several rihito and shinobu scenes still dissing rihito, shinobu even talked to kento, but kento didnt mind him and walked away immediately.
- mei went to natsumi's place, when they came back mei wants to get ready for a bath but memashiba doesnt know how he kept checking the bathroom and stuff when mei entered she on the shower and was asking for the soap, and kento (sorry can i use kento?) kento was nervous thinking ero that mei could be naked, he look thru the paper rihito left and got the soap but he doesnt know if he should come in because he's thinking mei is naked, but mei kept asking for it, until mei came out, but mei was still wearing her clothes and got the soap LOL
- at night kento couldnt sleep, when he heard noises outside he thought there were bad guys so he brought bat but when he came out it was nebzu and he was drunk, he was talking to kento and saying "do you wanna lose to your own brother?" eventually he passes out, but in his sleep he says "fujiko"
- they showed a scene rihito outside bringing a candle (probably checking on mei)
-the next day everyone was depressed, some of them were quiet, because well everyone wasnt happy with the butler exchange thing, fujiko still have daimon missing in action because daimon is having nosebleeds LOL everyone was having lunch, and mei was watching rihito serving lucia, mei was sad misses rihito, and mei pushed her glass and kento catched it and told mei to be careful, rihito and lucia saw this, and rihito was worried about mei, lucia comments about kento.
- on the way back to the dorm, mei and kento saw fujiko and nebzu fighting, its seems like nebzu doesnt way to go back to fujiko and fujiko gets mad and slaps nebzu and runs away. nebzu then told kento "she will be happier..."
- mei followed fujiko and tells the story about this butler and master that fell in love they went to this house in their campus and they prayed in that house, tami-hime was there too.
- on the way back, mei and kento were walking and they saw lucia and rihito, they all walk passed other not talking T_T
- mei was kinda depressed and wasnt talking when she came back to the dorm, and she told kento she will make udon.
- while they were making udon, mei then thinks about her life before, and she said she was much happier before, she doesnt have to be a lady, and shes thinking of going back. and kento was shocked and then later admits that he likes mei.
- but little did they know rihito was already outside the room and heard all of it, kento runs away and he saw rihito by the door.
- mei was still shocked and couldnt move, and her udon was already boiling, rihito wanted to open the door but he didnt instead he just froze there. kento just spend the night in the classroom.
- next day everyone was sad and quiet, none of them were talking, suddenly kento said that they should stop this and go back to normal, but all the sole ladies appeared and said thats would not be possible, kento said all the butlers need their masters and that they kept each other strong, nebzu agreed and came back to fujiko, and everyone else followed telling that the only masters they will serve is the masters that they chose. sole was shocked that everyone go against them and went away, and all of them were happy.
- mei saw this and was crying, she looked at kento and kento looked back at her.
- mei saw tami-hime outside and told her to come with her, they went out for a walk, and tami-hime told her she will show her something.
- lucia and rihito, lucia was telling rihito she had a great time even for a week with him, rihito went back to the dorm but mei wasnt there.
- it turns out its the house of that legend thing of master and butler, mei went inside.
- lucia and shinobu were talking shinobu said everything is running smoothly and lucia said thats good.
- next mei was inside the house looking for something when she opened the door she saw kento there, kento was asking what do mei want to say to him, and mei was asking what? say? it turns out they had been step up by tami-hime and tami-hime appeared and told them everything is for lucia-sama.

- these MIB and tami-hime fights with kento and mei, kento protects mei.
- theres something about food everyone was eating udon i think i stand corrected, mei decides to leave school so she decides to make udon for everyone for the last time.
- and kento hugging mei.
- mei says "Thank you for staying by my side" to rihito she says goodbye in the dorm
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