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Mei-chan No Shitsuji 7:

Tami-sama's turn ^^

buffering was bad, its because many was viewing.. but it was a good episode that i cried <3

- Tami revealed that she is behind everything that is happening to her, (when she fall into the pit, when she was chased by MIB etc) and yeah everything is for lucia-sama and lucia-sama is suffering because of mei (Rihito)
- And they were chased by these people and mameshiba is protecting mei and they run thru the house until they were in this room, mameshiba was telling mei to escape but mei doesnt want to leave mameshiba but the bad people destroyed the door and was able to get in.
-Everyone in the class had been looking for mei, even rihito, and tami's butler been looking for them too, everyone help looking for mei.
-when mei and kento got surround by the men tami hime appeared again, throw the knife and kento got hit and passed out, and mei was holding him, when one of the men hold out this sword to mei's head.
- next mei was dreaming she was in the classroom and kento goes near her she asks what happened but kento doesnt answer, kento embraces mei, and rihito appeared and mei was to break free but she cant, lucia-sama appeared and called for rihito and rihito went to her side, but mei still couldnt get out from kento's embrace.
- she woke up and she was in the room with rihito, mei was panicking and asks what happened to kento and rihito says to calm down and drink water first but mei doesnt want to and run to the clinic.
- In the clinic shinobu was treating mameshiba's wound and mei was relived, and shinobu said something again.
- back in the tea room, kento, rihito and mei were talking and everyone appeared and asks where did she go, mei then remembers what tami-sama said awhile ago, (also sees tami and was smiling at her) that its her fault whats happening to everyone, mei then says it doesnt concern anyone but she is quitting school, and everyone is shocked.
- back at the dorm mei is packing her things, kento wants to stop her but rihito stops him and ask to leave mei alone.
-back in the classroom everyone was weird they had been doing this vodo vodo thing, i dont know if they wanna know whats happening with mei or they want mei to stay.
- so while mei was packing everyone starts going to her room and gives her different kinds of presents, and shows (izumi and kiba), underwears (fujiko and nezu) etc etc. and theyre weird out.
- Sole girls reported to lucia-sama that mei is quitting school, rose-sama was informed and mei submitted her letter but rose-sama doesnt seem to care.
- tami-sama's bulter talked with kento, cont on awhile ago, mei and kento were tied up, and tami-hime's butler arrived and saved mei and kento, shinobu also appeared, and rihito was able to find the house. tami-butler then revealed he had been with tami ever since she was a little and she doesnt really talk to anyone, and that ever since she was a kid she adores lucia-sama, they already met each other when they were kids.
- kento then asks mei to go to class, (most touching part T_T) she saw everyone in her class are making udon, but everyone cant seem to get it right, mei wants to leave but kento tells her to stay, again seeing her classmates working with their butlers trying to figure out what mei is doing when she does her udon, mei then said everyone was doing it wrong and everyone was shocked mei was there, and mei helped everyone how to make udon, they all ate the udon that made and everyone said it was delicious, mei was touched and said "i want happy memories with everyone, Thank you everyone!"
- on the way back, rose-sama was there in the dorm and bringing her letter, the butler says since everyone is okay with her i guess theres no reason for her leave and the butler was about to tore the letter but then mei said "That wasnt only the reason"
-back in the dorm, mei says goodbye to rihito, when mei was about to get her stuff, rihito stopped her and told her a story, that a year ago he used to serve for lucia-sama after shutaro left but some things happened he said he didnt know what to do, he didnt know how to find the answer so he ran away. and then thats when he saw mei and kento while he was walking he said mei and kento biking, and kento fell and mei was helping him, and thats when he started to watch mei. he said he saw mei doing her best in those days and even in school. she said he did he's very best to protect mei, and then mei got her things and said "Thank you for always staying by my side" and left.
-mei rode the heli, the twins butlers were there to help her, they brought her to natsumi's place.
- kento was running but it was too late mei was already rode the heli, when went to mei's room and saw rihito, rihito was depressed and kento was scolding him, and rihito just sit there depressed and crying T_T
[I didnt saw some scenes here because my keyhole messed up]
-mei was in nastumi's place and ask if mei would be okay, (twins butlers were there too btw the older sister likes them again LOL) at night mei and natsumi were sleeping and then ask mei if she was okay? mei didnt answer ( i cried in this part T_T)
-shinobu appeared in the room and called out for rihito who was still depressed :(
- rose-sama talked with lucia-sama and asks her about mei.
-mei was walking in the beach and remembers rihito and was crying again, when kento appeared and mei asks what he was doing here? and kento then said he quit being a butler, and kento embraces mei and told her he will protect her and serve her.
- rihito went back to lucia-sama, and lucia-sama greeted him.
-everyone in class was sad they were looking at mei's couch :(

-mei and kento put up a udon shop kento's been helping out
-rihito is back with a long coat like kiba since he's lucia-sama's butler.
-its the battle of the brothers, kento appears in school and punches rihito, rihito punches back too, and mei was there shocked too (this is happening in their classroom)

I'll be leaving tomorrow for macau, i hope i can download BOF and MnS in time :( i wasnt able to download the BOF15 yet aigoo T_T
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